My goals in archery

Season 2008-2009

My goals for winter 2008-2009 season are to take part in no less than two international competitions of which the F2F Tournament in Amsterdam, in December, will be first one. Second goal in international competition front is to qualify for the Indoor World Championships in Rzeszow, Poland and manage to squeeze myself to the second match round. Additionally I'm intending to attend Ilves Cup Indoor in Estonia and Genesis Golden/Silver Arrow in LuleƄ, Sweden. Considerin the World Cups, I'm plannig to take part in the stage in Porec, Croatia.

In national level, my goal is to gain a medal in indoor championships. From result point of view, I'm aiming to keep my indoor scores over 570 and hopefully neared 580.

During summer 2009, I'm aiming for breaking the magic barrier of 1300 points in FITA-1440 round and 650 points in 70m round. Based on these improvements in scores, I intend to gain medal in the national outdoor championships.

My long-term goal is to shoot in London Olympics.