Who is Aki Virtanen

Where it all started

I was born year 1974 in Tuusula. After three years, we moved to Sipoo. First six years of comprehensive schools I spent in Talma from where I switched to middle school in Nikkilä. When I started my high school studies in Sipoo, a friend introduced me to archery. I managed to shoot for a couple of years before other hobbies took me away from archery.

Then what

After graduating from Sipoo high school, it was my time to do my service for the country. I decided to spend that time in navy as a radio and communications corporal. My civilian life after the navy started immediately by beginning my studies in Malmi business school from which I graduated with main-subject computers. The free time between studies and work lasted for one mighty weekend before I started working for IBM Finland, for which I still work as a security and identity management specialist.

The new beginning

A couple of years after I had started my career at IBM, somewhere between years 1999 and 2000, I dug out my old bow from the back of a closet and went directly to the nearest indoor archery range to test my skills. Somehow archery managed to get quite a grasp on me as I'm still shooting. I shot mainly field with barebow until year 2004 but since the competitors in barebow class were on decline, I decided to jump to recurve bow with a sight. Immeadiately after the switch, it was clear to me that I want to compete actively in the new style and most definitely aim to the top.


Currently I have managed to climb amongst the top archers nationally in Finland which took me five years. It's good to aim even higher in international level from where I stand now. The latest big accomplishment in archery for me was when I was recently selected in Target-2012 team, which is a coaching team for Finnish archers aiming to compete in London Olympics year 2012.